Amazing Spy Features in Laptop
Spy Software in India

Not only Computer but users can also spy on the laptop while installations spy monitoring and tracking application in Laptop.

Live Photo Capture

You can view Live Photo while sitting behind the PC or Laptop of your employees,

Live Audio Listening

Listen What Your Employees Are talking on Phone or With other behind Computer.

Live Screen Capturing

You can view the Live Screen Capturing your
employee computer.

Live Video Capturing

The Video Capturing on Live Mode behind the PC or Laptop is also possible With PC Spy App.

Website history

The History of Website Opened By the employee can also be viewed by the users.

Live Audio + Video Capturing

Both Live Audio and Video Capturing at the same time in PC Spy Monitoring App are also available.

LOCK/Unlock/Restart PC

You will get complete control of PC and even you can also restart or unlock PC anytime.


Hack Spy Activity of Your Employees With PC
Spy Software Application


The information of Facebook Accounts and Chat History is also available on the PC Monitoring Features.

All Drive Acess

You can also access in all drive of all Gmail Accounts in PC & Laptop Spy Software.


The Keylogger Feature in Spy PC Monitoring App allows you to check what words and content types by employees on all application.

Website Blocking

You can also block any website by the remote control feature of PC Spy App on your employee computer or laptop.

The PC Spy Software in Delhi India is a great monitoring tool for any Computer or Laptop Device. Not only for your teenage monitoring but also for employee monitoring task can be fulfilled by you with the installation of Computer Spy Monitoring Software. The application is completely covert in the system or devices. The target person will not detect the presence of Spy Software in Computer. Spy Computer Monitoring Software is the ideal way to monitor your employee's activity. There are so many companies who are seeking applications that will monitor their work of employees on the Computer or Laptop. Therefore, this spy application is the best way to optimize your employee activity on a system in the office. The features in Employees Computer Monitoring Software are countless and these features allow you to check each and every activity of the employees. Nowadays, the tracking software in computers has become a mandatory aspect for the companies to optimize the output of their employees. The Computer Spy Monitor Key Logger is the feature of PC Spy Software in India. With the help of this feature, you can easily reveal what your employees type on their PC while browsing on the web or using Microsoft Word. This type of monitoring is also necessary from the point of catching competitors’ person in your working area.

Many times, to reveal important information or project details companies contacts to the employees of their competitor company. They also offer some money for providing information. This situation may also become the cause of a big loss for your business projects. The Real-Time Spy Key Logger in Computer or Laptop is the unique way to catch every single word of your employees typed on the device, even after the delete of words and files. Now the question arises in readers mind How to Spy On Someone Computer without Them Knowing? This answer to this question is remotely PC Spy Software. This type of software helps you to get complete data, search information, downloading files in Targeted PC, All Deleted Files Also. Can you imagine you will also get live screen recording of your employees or what they are doing while searching behind PC? Yes, this is possible with the feature of PC Spy Screen Recorder.

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